Rehoboth Annual Meeting

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Rehoboth Baptist Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 2014 @ 4 pm
FBC Ramsey

Come and hear what God is doing through our churches!
Dinner will be provided.

Walk The Talk by Giving Time

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The old phrase “time is money” runs through my head occasionally. Yet time to many people today seems to be more precious than our money. We guard our time, hoard our time, and protect our time from many things. We also have many great things competing for our time. Leisure activities, work opportunities, and family style and life each pull at our time. Time is measured differently by God. Psalm 90:4 (HCSB) 4 For in Your sight a thousand years are like yesterday that passes by, like a few hours of the night. God views time differently than we do. Yet at times you and I become consumed by how we use or time and what we use our time for.
I have found that many believers walk the talk of following Christ by giving their time. Rehoboth Camp has been serving children from all walks of life both from the five counties of Rehoboth and from many different states. It is common to have kids come to camp because their parents had a touch from God at camp. Camp is possible as people walk the talk by giving time. Leaders of our camp include directors, counselors, nurses, preachers, musicians, cooks, rec people, craft people, finishing leaders, archery leaders, and the list is endless. Did I mention compass people? How about people which clean up, disinfect, remove brush, paint and sew. I sat watching a recreation time and have to admit I was a bit overwhelmed as I thought about the countless volunteers who marched through my mind. Volunteers come from all walks of life. A common factor is they give their time unselfishly.
Pat Johnson led the devotion at the flag pole at Younger Boys Camp. One thing he said referencing a movie they saw the night before was I want you to know what it is like to be free. Free in Christ who changes your life. Pat went on to say God is about what you can do, not what you can’t do. Like many Pat has served Rehoboth camp for many years. In fact I think he and Rachel Steele started the same year, Pat as counselor, Rachel as nurse. They serve along with hundreds of other volunteers each year because they walk the talk as Christians. We serve Christ because we love him. The folks who help at camp serve because they love him. It is a unique ministry that God gifts and equips folks for. They serve tirelessly with others. They give their time. Some take time off work at their own expense, others use vacation time. They serve the Lord with a grateful and thankful heart.
Walking the talk is not limited to giving time at church camp. It is defined by giving time freely in any act of service to our Lord. Some folks serve within the church teaching, clearing, cooking, meeting and greeting people. Others get out of the walls of the church and visit the lost, sick, hurting, and down and out. Some serve by going on mission across town, across the state, or across the world. Each person who goes on mission with God gives time. Many give large quantities of time and money. We walk the talk by freely giving to our Lord. I have mentioned Pat Johnson and Rachel Steele in the article. I must also mention Josh Bledsoe, Jennifer Flowers, and Ashley Miller who served as camp directors. They enlisted and trained volunteers and organized a week of camp.
Camp volunteers are no more important than Sunday School teachers, preachers, music leaders, or other volunteers in the church. Every person who serves the Lord is valued because we are saved to serve not to sit. I could list around one hundred names of people who gave time at the camp this year. I appreciate each of you, pray for you, and am thankful for you.
Walk the talk with Christ. Please above all else find your gift of service, niche of service, and get in the service game with God. We are saved to serve not to sit. The retirement plan for service is heaven. I have noticed in scripture that no one quit serving until they went to heaven. Thanks to the faithful servants. You are loved and appreciated.

Rehoboth Success Stories

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We all long to lead and serve churches that are reaching our communities, but sometimes we can get discouraged and lose hope. Sometimes we start listing all the reasons why we won’t see God use us.

But God is working in our churches, and God has done some amazing things even in our own local association.  Join us as churches in YOUR Association share the ups and downs of successful change and ministry. Take the first step to your church being a success story too!

Rehoboth Success Stories Information Flyer

Helping the Stranger

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I received a call recently from a desperate person in need of a listening ear first and then some financial assistance. I listened to his story, challenged him to get closer to God, and then helped with finances. He called later to thank me. He called again to let me know how he was doing. The next morning he called to thank me for caring for him.

I wonder how many desperate people I walk be each day who need at least a listening ear, encouraging prayer, and challenge to seek God. I have not experienced his depth of desperation. Through the darkest times in my life God has surrounded me with caring brothers and sisters. I turn must turn to the hurting and help them as I have been helped. I think Jesus said something like that.

2014 Camp Forms Online

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We’ve updated all the camp forms necessary to sign up to go to summer camp! Head over to the Rehoboth Camp page to download them!