Rehoboth Success Stories

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We all long to lead and serve churches that are reaching our communities, but sometimes we can get discouraged and lose hope. Sometimes we start listing all the reasons why we won’t see God use us.

But God is working in our churches, and God has done some amazing things even in our own local association.  Join us as churches in YOUR Association share the ups and downs of successful change and ministry. Take the first step to your church being a success story too!

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Helping the Stranger

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I received a call recently from a desperate person in need of a listening ear first and then some financial assistance. I listened to his story, challenged him to get closer to God, and then helped with finances. He called later to thank me. He called again to let me know how he was doing. The next morning he called to thank me for caring for him.

I wonder how many desperate people I walk be each day who need at least a listening ear, encouraging prayer, and challenge to seek God. I have not experienced his depth of desperation. Through the darkest times in my life God has surrounded me with caring brothers and sisters. I turn must turn to the hurting and help them as I have been helped. I think Jesus said something like that.

2014 Camp Forms Online

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We’ve updated all the camp forms necessary to sign up to go to summer camp! Head over to the Rehoboth Camp page to download them!

Un-Happy Mother’s Day

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I have been reminded today that Mother’s Day for many is bittersweet. Several people today shared with me about the death of their mother. Some deaths were within the last year. Others have said good bye decades ago to mom. Yet in their hearts and memories they celebrate the life mom gave them and mourn the loss of close relationship. These were good encounters with people. I had the opportunity to laugh and cry with folks as they shared about their relationship. A sadder note came as I sat and visited with a person who had little fondness or relationship with their mom. Mother’s Day symbolizes for them a relationship that never happened. The loss of a potential relationship is mourned deeply, felt daily, and buried within a hurting heart. I pray for many who have endured both kinds of loss. God desires to walk with you through your hurt.


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This evening I attended a community prayer meeting kicking off a season of prayer which will culminate Thursday with the National Day of Prayer. I find it ironic that the National Day of Prayer usually is about a one hour time slot featuring food, music, speaking and a couple of public prayers.

I remember preaching/teaching on the subject on prayer during a worship service. To make a point I led the congregation to bow their heads and pray for 10% of the length of the teaching time. The time translated into 2 minutes. I am a man of brevity and few words. Interestingly enough the time seemed to drag by. After about 30 seconds some were looking up to see if the time was over. I knelt by the pulpit and peered out. At the one minute mark many were fidgeting. At two minute conclusion of prayer most seemed relieved.

I find my prayer life too brief and hurried at times. I wonder at times if the length is the problem or the intensity. I have never sweat drops of blood like Jesus when I have prayed. Perhaps what I and other believers need in addition to the National day of Prayer is the daily time of intense prayer. Should I dare to get intense with God I truly believe He will move heaven and earth to bring revival to our nation.