Rehoboth Baptist Association

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Older Girls Camp

Older Girls Camp is for girls who are 13-17 years old and is an amazing opportunity for these girls to spend a week getting to hear about God’s word and making new friends. During this week, they will get to stay in a cabin with girls their own age with a counselor who will lead them and teach them about God’s love for them. They will have chapel every night and will get to hear from a local pastor about God’s Word. When registering for camp, they will pick options and rank them from first pick to the 6th pick. They will be assigned 4 tracks that they will participate all week. Below are some of the track options that are available.

  • Fishing- You will learn the basics of fishing.
  • Cooking (2 tracks)-You will get to create some yummy food in the kitchen. This will take 2 track periods.
  • Crafts-You will get to make crafts that relate to your lessons that week.
  • Swimming (Pond)- Cool off from the summer heat by swimming in our pond.
  • Happy Hands-You will get to learn sign language and be able to sign with a song.
  • Archery-You will get to shoot bows and arrows.
  • Digging Deeper- You will get to dig deeper into God’s word and learning more about His truths.
  • Yard Games-You will get to play some fun yard games.
  • Crochet- You will get to learn the basic crochet stitches and will get your own needle, crochet hook, and bag to carry it around. If you have taken this track before, we will have a more intermediate class for you.
  • Bible Copying/Apologetics- This is where you will learn how to be healthy physically and spiritually by learning healthy habits.