Peru Mission Trips

God has put on our hearts to go to Peru and help the Quechua people in the coastal and Andes region. Over the next few years, we would like to send out 1-2 teams per year with the goal of developing indigenous believers to start churches in the mountain regions of Peru. The ultimate goal is establish at least 1 solid church in the region and develop its members to focus on reproducing and planting more churches.

We are asking for lots of prayer and support. We ask that you pray for the people of Peru, who we pray have open hearts and minds to receive the Gospel and will share that with people, and the mission teams going that they will be safe and not discouraged during their time in Peru. There will also be a need for funds to help support those that need to go.  We don’t want financial ability to pay be a hindrance to someone who may be willing to go and share their faith, so if you are willing to give financially that would be a huge blessing for us. If you are interested in going, please email us or call us.