Sharing Your Faith


Pastor Top sat planning his sermon series for the next several weeks. He believed the Lord was leading him to lead the church to be focused on lost people. It all started with reading Matthew 4: 19 And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. It was as he read this verse that God impressed upon him that he and the church must become fishers of men. While they were concerned about the lost and hurting it never seemed to cross into the real God felt need. When Top read the scripture he got a glimpse of Jesus really caring about people. He cared when they hurt about sick kids. He cared when men and women had relationship problems. He cared when religious leaders pushed people away from God and looked down upon them. Top could sense the God revolution coming in his heart.
The strategy was beginning to form in his mind. The first few weeks would be focused on praying for the lost. He would begin this Sunday by encouraging people to list the names of unchurched and lost people they knew. Following that the members would sign up to pray for the lost each day. They would be asked to sign up to take an hour each day to pray for the lost. If they couldn’t pray for an hour just pray as long as they could. Each day that person would pray during the same hour. Call upon the Lord that people in their area would be saved. He would also have Wednesday night prayer meeting focus on praying for the lost. He had been reading a couple of books which talked about revitalizing Wednesday night prayer meeting. The revitalization would begin this Wednesday. This would upset some people but would be worth it.
The second part of his Evangelism Strategy would be teaching people how to share their faith. He would begin on Sunday night’s telling people how to share write and share their personal testimony. Not the usual Sunday night church but it was a time when many people gathered. Following the writing of the testimony sessions he would walk them through marking their Bible and use the video series Share Jesus Without Fear.
The next phase of his evangelism strategy would be leading up to Easter. Beginning three weeks before Easter the church members would go door to door in the large area around the rural church handing out invitations to be a part of Easter worship. The church had also agreed to pay half the cost of mailing to each home in the area a similar invitation. IBSA would be handling the rest of the cost. The follow up after Easter would be a key to touching the lives of people in the area. Folks had to sense that the church cared for them. The personal touch and direct mail invitation was a good start.
Top was excited about the future of Little Oak Baptist Church. The minor changes of the next few weeks would rock the boat at Little Oak. Yet Top believed that Little Oak had to begin to look outside the walls of the church. He could sense that the church while loving was more in touch with loving each other than those outside the walls. This was a common challenge to many pastors and churches. Yet God intended for the people to be fishers of men. That is what he called us to be. Top would continue to pray as he implemented his strategy. God was begging to move at Little Oak.

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