Pastor Top is a bi-vocational pastor in a rural area


Pastor Top was feeling humbled and thankful for many things. Earlier today there was an accident on the job site where he worked. A co-worker had been injured by a falling board and taken by ambulance to the area hospital. Top had prayed with the man before the ambulance arrived. He would remain in the hospital a few days and be off work awhile. Complete recovery was expected. Top was thankful he was there to pray and would have the opportunity to share Christ with the man while he was in the hospital. Perhaps he would be open to the Lord. Top had discovered his bi-vocational role allowed him many opportunities to share the Lord. He smiled as he recalled one of his co-workers called him the Chaplin of the job site.
Top felt very humbled as the folks at Little Oak Baptist Church had honored both he and his family the entire month of October during Pastor Appreciation Month. There were times recently when Top had thought about resigning the church. The previous pastor had been a great man, servant of God and still referred to by many in the church as the Pastor. Top was not jealous of the man, in fact he admired him also. It was time for the church to look forward to new days not live in the past. He couldn’t say those things out loud. The appreciation times were humbling to Top because he felt the church had turned a corner in its attitude toward the past. The church had given his family a generous amount of money, even including his children with individual gifts. The notes of appreciation were what he was most thankful for. Folks expressed appreciation for things seen and unseen. One lady had mentioned the many visits made to her lost friend on evenings after Top got off work. Another person had mentioned his easy smile and laugh which could diffuse a tense situation. Still another mentioned that his preaching had a point and wasn’t random each week. They had been a bit skeptical at first of his preaching through the book of James, then after a couple of weeks looked forward to the next passage in James. Top was humbled and thankful as he realized that the church was beginning to look ahead and adjust to him as pastor and he to the church. The Lord is gracious and good.
Thankful according to Webster meant: glad that something has happened or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc.: of, relating to, or expressing thanks
Thankfulness should be the first thought of believers each day. Believers should be Thankful that a holy God in heaven would be concerned about the routine and mundane things in life. Thankful that God would in his patience would put up with the complaining and whining of his people when they didn’t see the big picture. Top was very thankful for his wife and children. They had willing went to Little Oak leaving a church that they loved and were loved by. They had come to love the people of Little Oak and viewed them as their extended family.
Top was most thankful and humbled by the way the Lord continued to use him. He was never amazed whether on the job or at church or at Wal-Mart the opportunities God gave him to touch lives for Jesus. Thank you Lord for being gracious and good to me.

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