Grubby Angels


Recently I was traveling from Branson, MO to Vandalia, IL. I had the travel schedule down in my mind. I could drive without stopping, get home around 9pm, catch up on some work, and still get several hours of sleep. Less than an hour into the trip the low tire light came on the dashboard of the car. I got off at the next exit. While putting air in the tire I saw the problem that looked like a nail in the tire. I went to a nearby tire shop but they only did truck tire tires. They recommended a place a mile away behind McDonalds. It was 5 till 5. I thought I was stuck. I pulled into the next shop and three young guys were there sweaty and grubby from their days labor. I stated my problem they said wheel it in. I made small talk as one worked on my tire. All three were busy yet chatty. We had a couple of laughs. The tire was fixed really well. I asked how much, the young man in charge said no charge. What a blessing. These guys stayed late and helped me. Who can I bless like this?

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