Gospel Conversations


Pastor Top is bi-vocational pastor of Little Oak Baptist Church somewhere in a rural area.
     Little Oak Church was doing well it seemed. People were happy, attendance was steady, and the church budget was in good shape. With all the good news Top wondered what was wrong with him. He was restless about the focus of the church. Top was concerned that the people of Little Oak were more concerned about themselves than the lost and unchurched that were all around the church. He saw people in need and people that needed a savior. The people in the church seemed indifferent to the plight of the people. Top was becoming increasingly concerned and was asking the Lord how to create an attitude of sharing their faith was important.
     Top had recently read about having a Gospel Conversation. It was the new term for witnessing. It seemed that the catchy term Gospel Conversation had turned into a denominational emphasis to challenge and encourage Christians to witness. The website Top looked at regarding Gospel Conversations was: https://gcchallenge.com/overview/ . The website had reminded Top of the simplicity of the Gospel and the mandate of Christ to pray for the harvest and pray for workers for the harvest. The GC website had a section on prayer. Within this section there was a 42 week prayer suggestion. One could print off their own and use as a bulleting insert or give to church members. Top printed off two weeks and began filling in some blanks. He soon realized he would be praying longer and be more focused in his prayer time on the names of lost people. The prayer sheets would be helpful.
     Top also noticed a couple of books he could use to help teach people a simple process to talk to people about the gospel. He liked the simplicity. It was brief, used a person’s own story with Jesus, and not rote memorization. What a blessing the simplicity was.
     Top was getting excited as he thought of people who needed the Lord. In his mind he could see people coming to know Christ. He could see lives being transformed into the nature of Christ and families healed. The Lord was at work. Top thought the Gospel Conversation emphasis was a good thing for Southern Baptists to be involved in.

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