God and Money


Pastor Top is bi-vocational pastor of Little Oak Baptist Church somewhere in a rural area.
Pastor Top sat reviewing Little Oak’s budget statement for the past month. He also had the past years budget statements in front of him. The past month the church members had given a record amount. The church had grown and the offerings had grown proportionally, so had the expenses. While the church had been given more than they had spent this month some members were concerned the expenses were growing more rapidly than they liked. The new expenses were easily identified. Children’s ministry expense was booming which made the expenses boom. The church cared for the children in good ways by teaching the Bible, providing activities, and reaching the parents. Youth ministry was following the same path. Young families attending the church increased the expenses through multiplication. Other expenses that were seasonal had contributed to the increase in expenses such as VBS, building improvement, and insurance had contributed to the growing expense side of the budget. Top looked thoughtfully at the budget report.
Instead of number-dollars and cents he saw faces. Faces of new people at the church, faces of kids who came to Christ, and faces of hurting people the church was helping. Top also saw the face of God. He saw God sitting on his throne with all the riches of heaven around him. Top knew from Scripture and from life experience that God would faithfully supply all the needs of the church plus future needs. God is always faithful.

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