Camping On!!!!!


Camp has been a very God filled awesome experience this year. One young man told me after Older Boys week that this was his last year. God always speaks to him during camp. He is preparing to go into the Air Force. He knows God will be with him. A girl spoke with me one afternoon and said I got saved last night. A counselor told me what a great time he had. It was his first year at camp. He has committed to come back next year. The spirit and attitude of Rehoboth Camp may be summed up in this verse. Ephesians 4:16 From Him the whole body, fitted and knit together by every supporting ligament, promotes the growth of the body for building up itself in love by the proper working of each individual part. (HCSB)
The whole body referred to in this verse can broadly mean all the believers in Christ; more narrowly defined it could be the churches of Rehoboth. I am very thankful and proud of our churches. We fit together and are knitted together by our faith in Christ. We support many mutual ministries one which is camp. Camp calls upon many to do much. Camp directors meet and plan year round. This provides a well thought out camp program and theme. The counselors are enlisted as early as possible. Nurses, rec leaders, track leaders, Bible Study leaders, pastors, worship leaders, and kitchen staff are all enlisted along the way before camp begins. The people of Rehoboth work together.
Paul writes in Ephesians that the whole body is knitted and fit together for the growth of the body. This year we had 235 kids register for camp. This was a significant increase of almost 30 percent. Wow!!!!!! We are knit together and fit together by love. Paul writes in this brief verse that he love is the motivation and result of working together. Love is multi-purpose.
Love motivates people to give a week of intense time. Love compels us to work together. Love drives us to share our faith in small groups, with campers, and other counselors. Love also challenges us to do things in humility and with a servant’s attitude. Love must be the foundation of all we do at camp and in our churches. When we bring meals as church family cook and serve with love. A few years ago we had a camper who didn’t want to go home. He hid in the woods for an hour while we looked for him. Finally he came out. We talked about home and why he didn’t want to go home. He was afraid of parents, didn’t eat regularly, and he loved the food at camp. He could eat as much as he wanted. Bless our churches which serve food generously.
A generous spirit drives many to support camp in a variety of ways. Thanks to all who have and are continuing to contribute to the camp and building funds. Thanks for those who have given hours of time for remodeling. Thanks to all who have prayed for and worked hard at the camp. Thanks to all who have given generously for specific items at camp. Camp continues to cost a great deal above the registration fee. We have an unwritten understanding that all kids go to camp who want to go. That means that some kids come to camp and we pay for everything. There is no magic money available. We simply ask the Lord to provide and in turn ask that you prayerfully consider giving more. Our cost for the four weeks of camp not covered by registration and other gifts will be about 20,000. My belief and the way I have led in the past is to spend wisely, all kids go to camp who want to regardless of their financial ability, and God will provide. The camp committee believes that our registration fee is high enough that it could easily discourage some campers from coming. My faith says God provides through the love of many churches.
We are on mission together as an association of churches. Rehoboth churches have been generous for years and I am sure will be generous in the future

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