Missions in Peru

The vision team has returned and we’d like to share with you our vision over the next few years to reach Peru.

Over the next few years, we’d like to send 1-2 teams per year with the goal of developing indigenous believers to start churches in the Mountain Region of Peru.  Our focus is on the Quechua people who live mainly in the coastal and Andes region.  This mountainous region is mainly unreached people with a huge need for someone to share the Gospel.  Ultimately, our goal is to plant 1 solid church in the region and develop its members to focus on reproducing and planting more churches.

At this time, you can help greatly by praying for both the people of Peru that they will have open hearts receptive to the Gospel and also for those that will go and share with them.  Be praying about how you might help to reach this group.  There will also be a need for funds to help support those that need to go.  We don’t want financial ability to pay be a hindrance to someone who may be willing to go and share their faith.